Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thy Will Be Done

We have all heard the phrase: "Thy Will Be Done"
This is from the epic prayer the Our Father (aka the Lord's Prayer) which any Christian should be able to recite from memory as if it were their name.

In my profile under "Interests" it used to say "Finding the Will of God in my life."

Yesterday on the Catholic Answers Forum we were having our usual debates on the Non-Catholic forum and a user who goes by the handle 'Reformed' saw this blog of mine and sent me this in reply:

I found this on your personal site: Interest: Finding the Will of God in my life.
Here is the will of God in your life...
The will of God in your life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever (1 Cor 10:31).

I proceeded to change my Interests to say "Finding AND fulfilling the will of God in my life".

I know this is getting into a game of semantics but, I did it anyways!

Thanks to Reformed, that quote from the Bible is part of my personal profile. It can be read on the right...and if you are too lazy to move your eyes...just below:

"So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God."
1 Corinthians 10:31 (NAB)

This basically got me thinking about what "the will of God" actually means. I guess with most things in Christianity it is a dynamic term. In essence God's will for us is to know Him, love Him, serve Him and be with Him in the life to come. All Christians share this common goal. In the generic sense this is what we are all called to do. is where semantics come into play...oh what fun!

God's will for all of us is to do everything for His Glory. (The discussion as to why is another post all together.) Though, we are all called uniquely to fulfill this purpose in our lives. So when I originally had posted "finding the will of God in my life" what I meant was that I am perpetually searching to find what God calls me to do specifically in my life. No matter what I do...I definitely have to do it for God's glory, but I also have to prayerfully discern what God's will is for me in fulfilling His will.

So the will of God is for our will to be His will. God's will for my life is not to get pregnant...for example. Just as all doctors are all "called" to help sick and dieing people...they are all uniquely called to different diseases and different people, etc. In general they all have the same purpose, but they each do it in uniquely different ways for different people.

Now...this may sound scrupulous...but this is important because everything we do is important and providential. Every breath we take, every step we take, every bite we eat matters. Maybe God did not call for us to eat that extra hamburger. Maybe we should have slowed down and stopped at that traffic light. It may seem minor, but our presence somewhere other than where God preferred for us to be changes everything. (We have all heard of the butterfly effect.) It could be as something as minor as our presence causing the air to move a different direction in a room. (I told you...sounds scrupulous!)

In summation, we are all called to glorify God, but we are all called to do it in a different way.

I appreciate this little encounter though, because it caused me to contemplate this. I am now no longer just trying to find God's will in my life, I am trying to fulfill His will in my life while I try to find His will in my life! (Well I have been trying to do that all along, now I have just worded it more appropriately on my blog!) Amen!


deb said...

I enjoyed this article very much.

Nick Childers said...

You hit the nail on the head: To do God's will is to will what He wills. Hence we avoid sin, we live in love and truth, we glorify God. And as we live, so we shall be in Heaven (or Hell, if we reject God).

God bless!