Monday, September 22, 2008

¿¡¿ Happy Birthday ?!?

Added: October 8, 2008 (12:24am)
I am adding a link to this blog:
The Leila Texts
It sheds light in explaining what you are about to read...but it still does not explain the bizarre timing in which this all occurred.
(Thanks to Joseph [the first person to leave a comment to this post] for this tidbit!)


Something weird just happened about an hour ago.

I received a text message reading:(verbatim)
"Sorry to be late on saying happy birthday. Hope it was blessed and u be blessed"

Not recognizing the number...
I replied:(verbatim)
"May i ask who this might be?"

No reply...then maybe 15 minutes later I received a call from this number. My curiosity has peaked and I have become very intrigued. I was thinking that this person mistook when my birthday actually was and thought they had missed it (because my birthday is 5 days away.) Still...I did not recognize the number.

A woman from Birmingham, Alabama was on the other line asking if this was the number she sent the text message to. I confirmed and we were now just extremely flabbergasted.

She simply chose her daughter from her Contact List, which she was under the name "Jetter".
(Which makes this weird, because that is one of my nicknames!)

Her Alabama phone number was no where similar to my Pennsylvania phone number. It was not simply that the area code was different...the entire number was different! (No...I will not post the!)

What was strange is that her daughter's correct number is stored in her address book, so we have no idea why the text was even sent to me.

Let me sum up this strangeness:
My birthday and her daughter's birthday are around the same time and somehow her birthday wish was sent to me...making me think someone was trying to wish me a happy birthday. Then the fact that her daughter is stored under the name "Jetter" (I am not sure if that is her proper name or a nickname) and that Jetter is one of my nicknames.

This does not explain why I received the message though!?!

Even if the phone company had a glitch and routed the call wrongly, it does not explain how for all the places her message could have been routed to, why a person who has a similar birthday as her daughter and the same name/nickname received the message.

Strange...sometimes I think God is messing with my head! LoL!

I am filing this under a category for "Coincidence?" because, God willing, I am going to post some of the amazing things God has done in my life, situations similar to this and even more inexplicable and unexplainable, and I will let the reader decide what it might mean.


Joseph said...

Are you a Verizon customer? Because it's possible that you get every "Jetter" text, since their system is sort of screwy. To see what I mean, read the description of this blog:

I can't promise there won't be some blasphemy: it's a collection of all the misdirected texts intended for one Leila, but ending up with this one. (Since Leila's a little more popular than Jetter, I imagine it's a few more).

Thomas Mary James Gette said...

Thank you for the information!

It still does not fully explain this occurring around the time of my birthday.

Again, thanks!

Thomas Mary James Gette said...

Come to think about it...this still does not explain anything. No where does my phone company have "Jetter" stored as information.

Now I am even more perplexed!